A lovers diary 

Dave and Nancy - Getting INKED !!!!


Dave and i are getting inked tonight! .. How incredibly sexy is that!! ... omg.. Tattoos together... VERY! :)

I figured .. pfff! .. why wait til my 40th - this is my 40th year.. good enough for me ! :) This will be my first ... this is Dave's 2nd .. sexy man *wink*

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh .... i meet him at 8:00 tonight .. we leave.. head to the apartment.. get ready to go out.. then off to the tattoo parlor.. daaaamn.

I adore him. I love the man that he is .. he is sensual - omg, ladies.. this man is an amazing lover - lucky me!! Have you ever had a lover who's complete desire and focus is to please.. to explore my entire body?? I love his hands on me.., he is gentle, he talks to me.. he's interested in my thoughts, my dreams, my wishes - when i am sad, that weighs on him.. when i am happy - he beams! .. he is thoughtful, he is sexy .. he is so damn handsome .. he loves all the things i do .. all that i give him, all that i do for him, is reciprocated.. ten fold. He is soooooo sensitive ('oh no!! .. not a 'sensitive man' ?!! YUP.. and he's aaall mine).

He takes me where i've never been before.. to a level of pure, intoxicating, blissful delight !

Do you know... he was in love with me, for a year, before i ever had a clue.... even before i even really knew him ..... can you imagine !? I couldn't .. omg.

Wish me luck !! .. i hope it doesn't hurt too much :s .. *hehe* O well.. nothing like a few glasses of fine Cabernet Sauvignon, to ease the pain *wink*.

O.... did i mention?? These two lovers are having a 'sleepover' tonight ;) ... I'm on top!! (that's ok.. he likes me there..... hell, i like me there too!!) Daaaaaaaaamn..

I love my sweet man!!

Calling Alura . . . come in, Alura . . .

Dave and i are missing our friend ... Alura.. where are you, sister ?

Let us know you are well . . . !

Talk soon,

Daaaaave ... wake up!


'In The Vault'

Hmmm.. haven't said THAT in a while... ;)

'Caught yer attention, huh Dave..?



How tender is he...

My Lover sent me his goodnight email tonight.. How incredibly sensual are his words to me.. "I love you completely".

Dave melts my soul.. how i love him for that.


FLY, social butterfly.. spread your wings !!

Hello everybody!

Part of the aiding factors in my failing marriage, is the lack of social exposure, over the years.. I'd decided a while ago, that i needed to give myself that... with or without my husband...... most times, it's without. I don't beg. Well, sadly enough .. not anymore.

So... my upcoming social events ... ?

This Friday evening - i'll spend with Dave. Next Saturday night - this is tentative.. i'll be getting together with a bunch of great gals - food, wine, no men, no kids :) I have a retirement party to go too as well.. one of the fellas i worked with - that will be a blast... i will see people there too, i've not seen since i stopped working (1998). On the last of this month - i will spend that entire weekend with Dave - most wonderful!! On March 5th, i am meeting up with my very best girlfriend from highschool, PLUS two of our best buddies - i cannot wait to see those guys - it's been 20 years!! :) On March 20th - a party with my regular 'work' group - from when i worked at .. (can't tell you *wink*).. as a Technical Writer. I adore that bunch - they are truly comforting to me.

Alura... I too will indulge in a night of 'elegance'!! :) This lady so needs to spread her social butterfly wings...!!! :)

I need a vacation too........!!!!! Can you hear Cancun calling me... ? 'Naaaaaaaancyyyyyyyy ...' .. damn ;)

Best wishes to everybody!

SPEEDING TICKET !!! *grrrrr*

(Ya.. it's ME.. like y'all didn't know! hehehe)

Well .... goodmorning!!! :)

Damn :s

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ??! A friggin' speeding ticket!!!

As soon as i passed the cruiser.. i knew, i just friggin' knew it! - although.. he was just a blur *hehe* ..just kidding!! ..it wasn't that bad. He was young, i flashed him.. *hehe*.. it took my fine down from $120. to $65 *phew!* .. hehe ... she's got '72 hours' :s. Shit. My husband isn't too thrilled... but HEY!!.. it gives him something to talk about.. and i'm all for 'communication'..... ! Run with the ball, i say.

So... Alura.... Is my vehicle looking any more appealing? *lol* .. pick you up Friday at 7 :)

Talk later....... i've got some online banking to do :s

I think i should see Dave tonight... :)

Thanks for holding down the fort Nancy


My writers block is relentless. I'll start something and it just doesn't sound right. Scrap it. Restart. Fuck it I am going to bed. Anyway, I need to find away to tap my creativity again :s

All in all I am doing okay. I spent one night at home on the weekend. My wife had plans on Saturday night, so I gladly scooped up the opportunity to look after the kids.

Actually, I am heading there shortly for the same reason. Overall I think my stress level has been reduced greatly. I still have anxieties about the future....but hey, that's what therapists are for.

See you when I see you ;-)


(8) 'Warehouse' ...


..... and you have to play it loud :) .. just feel that music !

o I'm leaving...
This Warehouse frightens me.
Has me tied up in knots,
Can't rest for a moment.

Soon I'm Going...
I'm slipping slow away
Hoping to find something better than
I've got inside here
And the Warehouse slips away...

Hey reckless mind
Don't throw away your playful beggining
You and I will fumble around in the touches
And be sure to...

Leave all the lights on
So we can see the black cat changing colors
And we can walk under ladders
And swim as the tide turns you around and around

Hey we have found
Becoming one in a million
Slip into the crowd
This question I found in the gap in the sidewalk

Keep all your sights on
The black cat changing colors
We can walk under ladders
And swim as the tide choose to turn you

And here I sit
Life goes on, end of tunnel, TV set
Spot in the middle
Static fade, statistic bit
And soon I'll fade away, I'll fade away

This I admit
Taste so good, hard to believe an end to it
Smell touch feel
How could this rhythm ever quit
Bags packed on a plane
Hopefully to heaven

Shut up I'm thinking
I had a clue now it's gone forever
Sitting over these bones
You can read in whatever you're needing to

Keep all your sights on
The big bad black cat that's
Changing colors

It's not the colors that matter
But that they'll all fade away

This I admit
Seems so full
Hard to believe an end to it
Warehouse is bare
Nothing at all inside of it
Walls and halls have disappeared, they've disappeared

My love I love to stay here
My love I love to stay here
My love I love to stay here
My love I love to stay here
In a corner was wondering...
If a change could be better than this
And then I worry
Maybe things won't be better than they have been here
Here in the warehouse

At the Warehouse
How I love to stay here
At the Warehouse
Every man and woman get alive

That's our blood down there
Seems poured from the hands of angels
But trickle into the ground
Leaves the Warehouse bare and empty

My heart's numbered beat
Still echo in this empty room
Fear wells in me
But nothing seems enough to defend
So I am going away...

... "and i hope yer all havin' a gooooood NIGHT !.... Daaaamn.."

Damn..... she loves him ;)

Mussels anyone ... ?

Hello everybody! .. Happy Monday!! :)

Dave had a meeting this morning.. at my husband's work site.. He had the office right beside my husbands.. :s Damn..

It looks like they'll be going our for beers on Thursday night ... i guess i get him on Friday ;) I can't wait!!

Alura - How does 7ish sound for drinks and mussels...??

Talk soon! .. i have an afternoon to myself!! :) Wish i could say i was meeting Dave.. but alas, i need to get productive around here.. I have laundry crying out my name .. "Cooomiiing !!" ..... geeeeze.

-Nancy :)

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